• Videoing Water Wells

    Performing a down hole video on a water well (also known as a Water Well Video Survey) is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to get a visual of what’s going on in water well. Over time the conditions of a well can deteriorate and if a water well professional only evaluates what’s going on […]

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  • Happy Anniversary Brian

    Anniversaries are special, they are moments to reflect on all that’s been accomplished in a period of time, moments to look back on the beginning and celebrate the journey. 10 years ago Groundwater hired a young man with no experience in the well industry, he was a friend of a friend of an employee and […]

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  • The Importance of Bacteria Testing

    Recently the Press Democrat ran an article about Bacterial contamination found in multiple private wells in the Boonville area. While the article discusses how these positive tests are adding fuel to the fire for a modernized water system in that area, it glosses over some pretty important facts about Bacterial contamination in private wells. National […]

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  • Looking Forward & Remembering The Past

    Groundwater is coming off of a record breaking 2015 and we are so excited to tackle 2016! We are looking forward to so many things this year; the arrival of our brand new rig, the expansion of our field staff and office staff, anniversaries, new customers, solving difficult problems and overall expanding and improving Groundwater! […]

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  • Well Site Rehabilitation Project goes up for discussion in Rio Dell

    RIO DELL- A well site rehabilitation project was up for discussion Tuesday night at the Rio Dell City Council meeting. The city is investigating and currently rehabilitating two wells that have not been used in the area for nearly a decade. Now, the city is doing testing to find if the wells can be used […]

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